Bosc Aventura Combo + Hotel Pirámide Salou

Bosc Aventura Combo + Hotel Pirámide Salou

Keep your children active and entertained! Book the hotel Piramide Salou with the entrance ticket to BoscAventura Salou. 3 hours of fun on ziplines and playing paintball (100 balls). Take advantage of this special offer Bosc Aventura Combo and make the most of your holiday.

When booking the package you will get a special price of entrance to the park. Collect the entrance at the box office.



 Cancellations confirmed up to 48 hours prior to arrival date will incur no cancellation fees.

 In case of cancellation within 48 hours of the arrival date, a cancellation fee - equal to one night accommodation, will be charged.

 If you do not arrive at the hotel on the reserved arrival date, your reservation will be automatically cancelled.


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